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Website For:
Photographer Emma Hartvig

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Cover Story For:
Spiegel Wissen — Endlich Zeit

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Catalogue For:
Verlag Hermann Schmidt

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Website Relaunch For:
Lena Meyer Landrut

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Paper Illustration For:
Vodafone Germany

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Branding for:
Digital Studio Saat+Saat

OUI R (pron. /wi ar/) is a multidisciplinary design studio dedicated to create products, based on remarkable visual ideas. We focus on shaping beauty in simplicity, inspired by the fusion of digital and analogue.

Combining the expertise of designers and a network of developers with different backgrounds, the studio operates in a variety of disciplines for national and international clients. We offer the creation of unique experiences on desktop and mobile devices, print media or product development. Everything is realized with passionate attention to detail and materiality using a holistic approach.


  • Branding And Corporate Design

  • Photography And Set Design

  • Web Solutions And Device Applications

  • Material Based Illustrations

  • Scenography And Interior Design

  • Editorial And Book Design

„Creating a companies identity or the communication of a product is a symbiosis of brand strategy and visual appearance.“

Our objective is to escort a branding process from the beginning in continuous dialog with our clients to acquire a deep understanding of the common project. This includes logo and stationary design, as well as generating a visual language overall, and implementing the identity and content in all kinds of media.

„Building immersive showrooms creates emotional connections between objects and viewers.“

Developing photographic concepts and set environments for independent projects or as part of a branding process are exciting tasks, which we love to realize.

„To develop outstanding experiences, knowledge of the product and its user is essential.“

Skipping the average is what we have in mind when we create wireframes and implement Web solutions and Applications. Prototyping allows our clients to get an impression about the look & feel of their final product. To achieve the best results we rely on trusted developers and online marketing specialists.

„Telling a story in unconventional ways draws you into a world of new possibilities“

One of the studio partners, Carolin Wanitzek, is known for her geometrical and pleasing style of illustration, that combines installations with photography. With the possibilities of digital retouching and animation she creates captivating worlds.

„The ambience of a location influences how we feel and interact with our environment.”

We produce sofisticated solutions for complex permanent spaces, as well as temporary and smaller sets. We understand how to include large objects and furniture and highlight small objects to set an ambience tailored to the customers needs.

„Visualizing content in both printed and digital formats needs a passion for clearly structured information and detailed typography."

In the field of print media our aim is to create valuable products with great haptics. Our expertise in print production and refinement enables us to select suiting materials and visualize content for outstanding reading experiences.